Saturday, November 24, 2012

The trouble with Halle

"I've never known a girl who can throw a tantrum like she does," David Justice on then estranged wife Halle Berry.

Poor Halle Berry
She was abused by her father, her first husband David Justice had anger issues, Eric Benet cheated on her, in 2000 there were forces bigger than her that made her flee the scene of a hit-and-run accident that she caused, leaving another driver bloodied and broken. 
Now, we have Gabriel Aubry, the father of her daughter Nahla. He's a hot head that got beaten to a pulp by her much shorter current fiance Olivier Martinez on Thanksgiving day [2012]. 
I'd be careful if I was Olivier, because when he and Halle break up, she may allege those fists hit her as well...BTW, each one of these "abusive" men went on to have normal relationships with women and were never in the news again...