Saturday, November 24, 2012

LeAnn Rimes set Eddie Cibrian up to be "caught cheating"

Watch THIS video, then return to this site.

LeAnn Rimes was having a hard time getting old slippery Eddie Cibrian to leave his wife Brandi Glanville. What to do, what to do? VIDEO HERE The answer was simple, she hired a private firm to put video cameras inside (and outside) a pre-arranged restaurant (Mosun) on March 7, 2009 in Laguna Beach so that the footage would reveal the affair. Like a fly to a spider's web, horny Eddie came a callin' and fell right into the horse-faced singer's web. 
LeAnn anxiously paces outside the restaurant, nervously looking at her phone and careful to not look where she's been told the cameras are hiding. 
Video outside, video inside, when have you ever had this much access to anything happening at a restaurant EVER? 
Not only that, but the cameras are mounted up high, this isn't some Brazilian X17 agency douchebag standing on the corner filming video and asking celebrities inane questions in broken English. This is pro-stuff, surveillance footage, and better video than documented the 1974 Patty Hearst bank robbery.
Then LeAnn had her publicist spoon feed the cheating scandal to Us Weekly, with stills from the video for a guaranteed cover story, even though at the time, LeAnn was barely known in the tabloid world. Literally no one knew who Eddie Cibrian was for that matter.
One problem, the story did NOT end the Cibrian marriage, and when confronted about the pics, he casually referred to LeAnn as a "speedbump" in his marriage to Brandi.
Not so fast slippery Ed! Once again, LeAnn got the private dicks to shoot her a few weeks later getting on the back of Eddie's motorcycle.
Bottom line is, LeAnn staged the entire "gotcha" moment, and her intent was to get her man--which she eventually did. Thanks to a gullible, horny Eddie and a naive public that believed the Us Weekly headline. Can you really "catch" yourself?

And, it's worth noting that aside from the Us Weekly logo claiming ownership rights, there is no agency claiming credit for actually getting this shocking video? Go on any celeb website, each photo, each video has a credit. But in this case? No photo/video credit speaks volumes.