Saturday, November 3, 2012

Staged pic flashback: Kendra Wilkinson fakes a pregnancy scare with Splash photos

Back in June of 2012, Kendra Wilkinson was looking to get some viewers to her new reality show Kendra On Top which had just switched from E!, to the barely watched WE network. What better way to get viewers than to fake buying a few pregnancy tests right? Well, she called her favorite agency $PLASH to take pics (they cut her into 50% of the sales) where you could easily make out her purchases in a plastic bag-- she even donned a sort of worried/perplexed expression to help fuel the gossip. Only one big problem, no magazine fell for the fake story and pics, and no viewers tuned into her WE show. In fact, it failed to make enough ratings to even register in the top 100 cable shows for Tuesday nights.