Friday, February 1, 2013

Old dog, same tricks: Eddie Cibrian has LeAnn Rimes make out with gal pal in front of him

Brandi Glanville's revelation this week (in her book "Drinking and Tweeting" out on February 12, 2013) that her then husband Eddie Cibrian liked her to make out with her girlfriends in front of him, made us remember a certain photo set from last March [2012].
You know the one, taken by Splash, Horsey and Mr Ed are in Mammoth with blow up doll Lizzie and her husband Dave. Oh, all of their children are in the other room as well, while Le and lipstick lesbian Liz make out on the balcony while Mr Ed takes pics.
Since this whole relationship seems to be following a certain playbook, we predict that there are dozens of waitresses across the San Fernando Valley ready to tell all to the tabloid$ about their sexual exploits with the very married Mr Ed...