Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How did a paparazzi photographer get in Denise Richards' back yard?

All hail the Queen of the staged photo op! 
We love Denise Richards, she is so shameless about doing set-ups with paparazzi that it is comical at best. 
Check out her latest bikini blitz --the 40-year old ex-wife of Charlie Sheen dons an Old Navy bikini and plays with an inflatable ball in her backyard. 
But how did a photographer for Startraks named Albert Michael get inside her Mountain View Estates rental home (temporary until her Hidden Hills home is done being remodeled) to get these shots? She must have put the photographer's name in with the guards at the front gate, and walked him in through the front door of her house of course. 
Well done Denise, you and Tori Spelling are classic, and show that not all celebrities hate paparazzi, some invite them in and bake them cookies!