Friday, June 3, 2011

Beware of new business scam: Grace Community Outreach

Beware: she's at it again! In March of 2011 Kelly Stagg applied for a fictitious business name in Los Angeles County, and published it in a rarely read Beverly Hills publication. The Grace Community Outreach sounds like it's associated with some church or worthy cause, right? No. Its headquarters is her decrepit rental apartment in Los Angeles, and "Grace" comes from the name of her 15-year old daughter. On May 23, 2011 she filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy [2:11-bk-32302] in the Central District of California, interesting timing. New start to grift and scam money from unsuspecting donors? This is the woman that Dustin Lance Black sued back in June of 2009 for trying to sell a gay sex tape of himself and a former partner. Do not give to this organization, you have been warned. Grace Community Outreach=Grace and Kelly need money, and they are going to reach out for your pocketbook.