Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hilaria Baldwin needs your help--should she sue Bill Gates?

Hilaria Baldwin took to twitter to complain about an annoying photographer outside her building who harassed her baby daughter Carmen. 
We're thinking that he works for Splash, and since they are now
owned by billionaire Bill Gates, she should sue the deepest pockets in the industry. 
Splash supposedly has a strict policy that doesn't allow for the harassment of celebrity children--because of their new ownership. 
This would be a landmark lawsuit. Let's help ID this fellow and bring justice...

We have a HUNCH that this white photographer works for Splash. Just a HUNCH, but we're seldom wrong.
If you're a celebrity and someone who works for Splash has taken your photo on private property, or harassed your child, we encourage you to sue $plash, the Bill Gates photo agency...