Saturday, March 8, 2014

Access Hollywood: Paps vs Celebs, who won the debate?

Access Hollywood set up a forum where celebrities and paparazzi could have a discussion about the #NoKidsPolicy that Dax Shepard and wife Kristen Bell helped spearhead.
The best Access Hollywood could come up with to represent the photo agency side was the ginger haired Steve Ginsburg of GSI.
The supremely inarticulate and totally out of his league Mr Ginsburg actually agreed with every point the celeb couple made, his only suggestion was that they do 'set ups' with his agency (he'd cut the new parents in on the $) and that would get rid of the photogs. 
Didn't you actually have time to prepare for this on camera chat fest? 
We're guessing Mr Ginsburg never graduated from college and didn't understand the concept of 'open debate.' 
It was actually a one sided slaughter (edited into 3 excruciating episodes) that ended with the celebrities 'WINNING.'
Not because they were right, but because their opponent was inept, weak, and unable to think on his size 18 triple wide feet. 
It's too bad AH didn't find someone like Frank Griffin of the Bauer Griffin Agency, who would have sent a flaming skewer through the situation.

 It's funny that F-listers like Shepard and Bell could make so much headway as 'celeb parents.'

"Jump!" Is all we can say to you Steve...