Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LeAnn Rimes diet "secret" spilled by Brandi Glanville: LAXATIVES!

Young Mason Cibrian got very sick recently because of eating one of "Le's candies." You see "Le" is the name they call their whacked out Bonus Mom LeAnn Rimes, and "candies" are code for Rimes' diet secret: laxatives!
Only problem is, Mason, 9, didn't know that "candy" was code for something else, the poor kid just thought he had finally stumbled on something sugary in the house, since sugar is a banned substance for the fat-conscious country crooner.
"He thought it was a Skittle" Glanville told Us Weekly. The article goes on to say that according to Brandi's boys, Le keeps these "candies" in every purse. So do you want to look like a squinty eyed skeleton? Pop laxatives like candies and eat whatever you want! Maybe "Le" can market them herself: SHITTLES!