Sunday, December 1, 2013

LeAnn Rimes hatches new egg account on twitter to defend her latest antics

LeAnn Rimes has a lot of time on her hands, even more time than we here at Exposarazzi do! 
She just hatched a new twitter account with an egg avatar and the even more intriguing "Ed's Sweetheart 7" to go with her fake moniker of 'Erika.' 
Let's see, who is Ed's REAL sweetheart? 
That must be LeAnn--DUH. 
And this purple egg, she's 'new' to twitter, what a freaking coincidence! 
And LOOK! Her new BFF 'stinky twat' Joanna Krupa is one of "Erika's" 2 followers, so LeAnn got on the phone and told her, "Stinky, help me out here, can you follow my fake account so I can look like I'm legit?" 
If you didn't think LeAnn Rimes was thisclose to be putting away in the looney bin before, you do now...