Monday, January 19, 2009

TMZ's Harvey Levin: His boyfriend thinks he's fat!

Harvey Levin is gay, and has been with his chiropractor boyfriend "Andy" (Dr. Andy Mauer) for a couple of years now, but we didn't realize that the relationship is showing signs of strain. 
On Sunday, January 18, 2009, the couple was getting coffee drinks at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Malibu at the pap infested Country Mart. Levin wanted cream in his coffee drink and his boyfriend said to him (in front of all the customers in line) "You don't want that! It's fattening!" 
The short, stout, and annoying Levin countered, "Yes I do!" 
It was back and forth like a couple of old ladies, until the boyfriend got his way. 
"Harvey didn't get cream in his coffee," says our source. 
We hope to bring you photos of the unhappy couple soon...